When adding PDF meta data, I am getting an error: Chrome.viewport height should number, null

  • When I attempt to specify PDF meta data in the edtor, I am getting an Error: Error when trynig to update "templates" collection. Input contain values that does not match the schema. schema-valdation errors: chrome vewportHeight should be number, null.

    This does not appear to happen in the JSReport playground. I also can specify template data by directly editing the recipe using VSCode. That said, I would like to be able to do this with the editor. JSReports v 3.9, recipe: chrome-pdf, engine: handlebars

    Any thoughts on why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.


  • Do you have chrome.viewportHeight in the template config.json? Whats inside? Could you delete it, restart jsreport, reload studio and try to edit the template again?

  • It appears that if the "Chrome" object is defined for a recipe, it also needs a viewport Width / Height. I am unclear how this object got set to begin width as I am almost exclusively using the editor.

    Generates Error:

    chrome": {
            "printBackground": true

    Does not generate error / Works:

    "chrome": {
            "printBackground": true,
            "viewportHeight": 1024,
            "viewportWidth": 1024

    Not a pressing issue as this works for what I am doing. Might be nice to have a default width / height if not specified.

  • I can't replicate this so far. I have an entity like this and I can edit it in studio without issues.

        "name": "t",
        "engine": "handlebars",
        "recipe": "chrome-pdf",
        "shortid": "YDk7AYwFfX", 
        "creationDate": {
            "$$date": 1673020613229
        "modificationDate": {
            "$$date": 1673285032858
        "_id": "khiOoblGOqkQn9bg",
        "$entitySet": "templates",
        "chrome": {
            "printBackground": true

    Could you try it in a private browser window? Maybe there is something wrong cached in the browser.

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