How to change report template direction from right to left and also change report template css ?

  • Hi sir,
    Our report is multilanguage so when arabic languge comes we want to switch html report body direction to rtl (ie, for arabic language direction should be rtl and for other language ltl).

    Also we have create 2 css for eg:-
    1.invoice.css (css for report expect arabic language).
    2.invoice-ar.css (css for arabic language report).

    But it is not possible to add if condition inside style tag of html.Is there any other way to switch css for report based on language?

  • How about something like this:

    {{#if someCondition}}
       {{asset "invoice.css"}}
        {{asset "invoice-ar.css"}}

    You can also use components instead of assets if you want to use handlebars inside.

  • This post is deleted!

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