First render request after jsreport instanciation takes longer than followup requests

  • Hello,
    I'm having the issue that after jsreport has been instanciated, the first request to be handled and rendered takes longer. I can only provide the filtered jsreport default logs that seem to differ in latency:


    I have read through docs like chrome-pdf and pdf-utils since they are causing the biggest spikes but I cannot further determine what is causing this issue.

    Any help is very much appreciated

  • jsreport is lazy loading things therefore the first request can be slower.
    This is required to speed up jsreport boot time and minimize the memory footprint. We don't know what recipes and extensions you gonna use so why load everything during start... I believe it is common best practice.

    If you need jsreport to get full speed immediately, just make a "warm up" request as a part of your deployment.

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