browser client not print

  • im using browser-client, and when i trying to print pdfs basics it works, but when i try to print pdfs with biggest info it doesnt works and only show me a white page, dont give me any error only dont show anything, in jsreport studio it works fine
    0_1677262769620_upload-dbb26c0d-640e-4a19-b9b4-b40660f2a43a ,

    thats my config file

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    hi @Chago-Morales-Andrade

    are you using jsreport 2.11.0? if yes, then you should take a look here, it explains why the report fails with bigger reports, so instead of using res.toDataURI() for getting the url to your iframe, you should use res.toObjectURL()

  • hi @bjrmatos you think that my code are somenting wrong, because when display in other tab the button to download doesnt works 0_1682114390551_upload-8c8cdb1c-2557-4034-b026-71f3456fab77
    but the button to print its fine

  • I've tried the following code and the download works for me.

    jsreportInit = function () {
            jsreport.serverUrl = 'http://localhost:5488'
                template: {
                    recipe: 'chrome-pdf',
                    engine: 'none',
                    content: 'hello'
            }).then(function (res) {
                var html = '<html>' +
                    '<style>html,body {padding:0;margin:0;} iframe {width:100%;height:100%;border:0}</style>' +
                    '<body>' +
                    '<iframe type="application/pdf" src="' + res.toObjectURL() + '"></iframe>' +
                var a ="about:blank", "Report")

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