Can't install additional recipies.

  • Trying to install the electron-Pdf recipie.
    I'm using Ubuntu as the OS for the server.
    I've installed jsreport with this command:

    sudo npm install -g jsreport-cli

    Then I install electron-pdf with the same type of command:

    sudo npm install -g electron-pdf

    but when I go into jsreport studio, it isn't available. Should I be installing electron-pdf inside the install folder for jsreport?

  • administrators

    hi! the actual jsreport extension is called jsreport-electron-pdf on npm (i would say that all jsreport extensions available on npm start with jsreport- prefix, just FYI), you will need to also install electron executable too, see the installation instructions here for the exact commands that you need to use. and finally please be aware that electron requires that the machine has a graphics environtment, something that most linux machine don't have (because they have just command line).. so in order to be able to run electron on linux you will need to use something like xvfb (it emulates graphics on Linux) on your machine when starting your app, this is also mentioned in installation instructions with a link to an example

  • I think I may just want to do the docker install that has everything stored inside itself. What's the latest url for the full docker image( or jsreport/????)?

    I tried to follow the instructions listed on the dockerhub page, but get this error:
    Error Response from daemon: manifest for jsreport/jsreport:1.70-full not found
    after running sudo docker pull jsreport/jsreport:1.70-full as directed.

  • cancel that, I'm just going to install it on a windows server.

  • administrators

    seems like there are typo errors in our docs about the correct docker tag names, will check and fix it.

    you can see the full list of available docker tags here

    for example, the latest is: sudo docker pull jsreport/jsreport:1.8.2-full

  • That worked! and the electron recipe is working fantastically now!

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