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  • In looking at your dockerfile and tracing back, it seems that JSReport uses NodeJS 16.20.0. Does it support later versions? Version 16 is supposed to be End of Life this year ( End-of-Life date,1 on September 11th%2C 2023.)

    We attempted to use the current LTS version (18) and it does not run for us.

    What versions do you officially support running on?

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    @zewar96 jsreport does support node.js 18 (should work with any version that is >=16.11).

    if we talk about node.js alone, then v18 works also with jsreport + docker, however, i think the issue is that changing the base image from node 16 to node 18 needs some changes to be done in the dockerfile (perhaps some linux packages need or updates or some extra linux packages need to be added), so this is more an issue that the dockerfile needs to be changed to work against a different base image.

    we just provide one node.js version for the docker image, and that is what we test so far. we are aware that v16 goes EOL later this year, when it comes the time we are going to increase our minimal version and update the dockerfile, you can track this issue to receive notification when this happens.

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