address data print new line

  • My address data return on the pdf report like below.

    No 99, street1\r\nstreet 2.

    i would like to print to new line. i tried write a function to replace the \r\n to <br />.

    function replace(value){
    var result = value.replace(/\r\n/, "<br />");
    return result;

    but it return No 99, street1<br />street 2 instead print new line.

    anyone can help? I want the address to show like below

    No 99, street1

    Thanks in advance

  • The replace function seems good solution. You perhaps just need to use triple brackets to avoid handlebars html escaping


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply and your solution working perfectly!!!! thank you and appreciate that

  • And how would you do this using chrome-pdf engine?

  • administrators

    hi @silverWeaver, for chrome it should be the same, you need a helper function that handles the conversion from new line character (\r\n) to html line break <br />.

    if you need more help, replicate your template and data on the playground and share it back in this topic

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