AWS S3 template store with prefix

  • Hello. Is there a way to include a prefix in the jsreport-fs-store-aws-s3-persistenc-extension? The use case is to have an existing bucket with already existing folder structure and include the template store into it. For example the structure would be project/subfolder/templates/... and only this folder should be visible in jsreport-studio.

  • Hi, it's not possible currently, we will try to add it during the next days.

  • Ok, i'm looking forward to it. Thank you for the fast reply.

  • The prefix config is now supported in @jsreport/jsreport-fs-store-aws-s3-persistence 3.1.0

    "fs-store-aws-s3-persistence": {
        "bucket": "...", 
        "accessKeyId": "...",
        "secretAccessKey": "...",
        "prefix": "someBucketInFolder"

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