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  • Hi,

    is there any way of defining the exact location of extensions in the configuration file so that boot up of the application can be faster?

    When running on an Azure Web app (Windows), which works great by the way, the restart is really slow, it spends a long time on the line "Extensions location cache not found, crawling directories" exactly 2 Minutes.


  • We store the paths to the extensions' locations in a cache inside the temp directory.
    Unfortunately it seems that the azure is cleaning this on each restart.
    Could you try to change the config to use a temp directory inside your app?

      "tempDirectory": "myTemp"

    Perhaps it could help. Please let me know how it ends up.

  • that makes sense,
    I am assuming the temp directory is starting at the relative path of the root directory where my server.js would be?

  • yes, it is relative to the app path.

  • @Oshri-Cohen
    Did the changing temp path help? Just that we would put it into docs in time.

  • waiting to deploy a beta, I will let you know soon

  • Yes it worked, restart of an Azure app service (Windows) executed in seconds as opposed to minutes.
    Also, to be clear the standard azure app service deployment directly from Visual studio works great for jsReport

  • Thank you for the info.
    We've done recently some changes to jsreport to make it running in the windows based azure app service.
    However the main limitation which persists there is that it doesn't support custom fonts in the phantom based pdf.
    At least as far as I know.

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