Any common solution for logo dimension to fit for template?

  • Hi i have a report template in jsreport.our. Application is multi tenant so when a new client came i have to upload logo of theirs .but the problem is i have set dimension for logo so when a new user came i want to change their dimension to ours to fit logo but sometimes logo clarity and it will there any common solution for logo case??

    L mean without setting predefined dimension for logo?

    Right now what we are doing is create logo with all dimension because our each template i have set different dimensions due to clarity, streching and size.but it very hectic job instead of setting predefined dimension is there any other solution???

  • I'm quite lost in what you actually ask for...

    So resizing the image in the template to what you need in the particular template doesn't work for you? For what reason?

  • Hi sir sorry for the confusion. what I was actually asking for is that for example we have a global template named A .i have set logo dimension to 305x112 px for my template.

    Our application is multi tenant so when user try to print the same report what is happening is that we clone our global template and create a new copy for that particular client and we also upload the client logo for that template by resizing it to 305.x112 issue is sometimes the client logo may small and while we create the logo to that predefined dimension it can cause stretching and it loses the clarity.

    Is there any other way to resize the logo without changing dimension by using css or something.can u please help me??

    Can you please suggest any other solution.i don't have much knowledge about css?

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    @Reshma-Jacob hmm I think any image that is small will look bad when you force it to be to a greater dimension. at least that is the case when talking about resizing an image. so that should not be your option.

    maybe you can try to experiment with css object-fit values, or object-position, it will need different values depending on each logo.

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