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  • Hi,
    im using JSReport free trial version to setup files for past few weeks, today I found that all the files have been deleted and not by me. Its been a lot of work that I have invested and I wonder if there is some way that i can recuperate this files. Hope someone can help. Thx

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    hi @edgin

    there must be something on your pc that is cleaning/removing files, it is alarming what you are describing, so i want to make clear that we don't remove any files, even if you use free version and the trial expires, all files remain untouched.

    you should investigate what happened, it is not clear to me if there are tools of software that will let you know what files were deleted and which program/process has done it. if you are on windows i remember there was an option to go back to specific point, perhaps that can help you to get to a point in which the files were present.

  • Thank you for your reply,
    that info means a lot, and also to look in different directions to look what caused it.
    JSReport was ok all along.
    Thanks @bjrmatos

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