jsreport enterprise license

  • Hi,

    has anyone bought the enterprise license?
    I was wondering what was meant by unlimited servers? Is it a cluster setup where the main server will offload work to other servers or is it simply multiple instances of jsreport with different domains?

    thank you

  • Hi,

    enterprise license says "fully featured single server instance with no limitations"
    enterprise scale license says "one license valid for infinite amount of servers in single application"

    You are questioning now the scale license?

  • Yes, how do I scale the license.
    Now does one jsreport server use multiple worker servers or do I have to enable load balancing at the network tier to take advantage?

  • If enabled, jsreport internally uses multiple worker processes to process the hard stuff like templating engines evaluation of pdf rendering.
    See performance note how to configure jsreport to use multiple workers.
    Of course this is still for single jsreport instance on single server, but it takes you quite far in context of performance and scale.

    Scaling to multiple servers is up to you. The scale license gives you single key that you can reuse on infinite servers in this scenario.
    It doesn't enable an additional feature.

  • Where can I see the licensing models available ?

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