Help to check if image exists

  • Hello!
    I have a problem and I can't find the solution, so here's the problem:

    I have an image and the image is in a separate folder from the main project, for example:

    The number 1 is my folder with imagem and, the number 2, is my folder with main project.

    The situation is:

    • My "script file" contains the following code below.
    • My "dSet file" contains the following code below.
    • My "mytemplate file" contains the following code below.

    First, I would need that in my "script file", I could pass the full path, as shown in the image

    Second, when the logo.png file doesn't exist in the folder, it doesn't show anything (which is what I would like) or else it shows this error (Asset ../../folder/logo.png not found in the store and also not on the disk: Unable to find or read file /folder/logo.png), however, when I add the logo back, it cannot find the logo and is blank, as if it does not exist.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Does this help? Note we may change this API in the future, but so far it should work.

    const resolvedCurrentDirectoryPath = await jsreport.currentDirectoryPath()
    const searchResult  = await jsreport.folders.resolveEntityFromPath(path, 'assets', { currentPath: resolvedCurrentDirectoryPath })
    if (searchResult == null) {
        // entity doesn't exist on patyh
    } else {
       // exist

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