JSReportOnline support for postgreSql

  • Hi, Just wanted to know if there is support for PostgreSql via JSReportonline

  • administrators

    hi! since jsreportonline does not support installing custom nodejs modules you can't write a script that uses a postgresql nodejs module to extract data for your reports. however you can extract the data in your own backend and send it to jsreportonline via http and it will work normally. (this is the normal flow when using jsreportonline)

  • The @bjrmatos suggestion is the most common implementation.
    However I just add two additional options you have:

    1. Expose a REST API in your application and use jsreport custom script to fetch the data from it.
    2. If you for some reason really need to connect report directly to the db, you can also use AWS lambda or Azure function to do so and request it from the jsreportonline.

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