Comparison between upcoming receipe chrome-pdf and the other

  • Hi Jsreport team!

    Today's question is about something I couldn't find in your documentation: a comparison between receipes feature
    Maybe I did miss it and it's already there, if that so please let me appologize, else it would be an awesome tools for users workflow as they would find more easily the right recipe for them.
    This is also quite interesting as you were mentioning in the last blog post that chrome-pdf would probably replace the phatom-js receipe as default receipe.

    suggestion about how I could see it:

    features phantom-js phantom-js wkhtmltopdf html-to-xlsx
    version 1.9.8 2.1 0.12.3 N/A
    output pdf pdf pdf xlsx
    header & footer yes yes yes no
    table of content no no yes no
    nested link <a href="#">link</a> no no yes no
    speed (full text) very fast very fast fast fast
    speed (text with few image) very fast very fast fast fast
    speed (text with lot of images) slow fast medium fast

    NOTE : The value here might (certainly?) be NOT accurate!!

    How about it? Thanks again for your time and your awesome work!!

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    hi! this is a great idea! (why did not we come up with this before?) we can put here that the recipe has different output depending of the OS too. we will think about what other things to put in the table and let you know here when is ready. if you have more suggestions of what other things to put in "features" feel free to edit the table. thank you for the idea!

  • Your welcome!
    Well I do think that a benchmark for speed depending on the type of data the receipe is dealing with, such as pure text, text with few images, text with lot images could be a nice addition and explain better when to use which receipe

    of course the output of the receipe (pdf, xlsx etc...)

    Updating the table !

    Thank you!!

  • @MI53RE19 Thank your for your ideas and inputs. It is very much appreciated.

    I've just published such pdf recipes comparison based on your original table. The plan is to extend it in time...

  • @jan_blaha Thanks for letting me know!

    A good way to improve (and save you time, maybe?) the table could be to let people be aware they can provide inputs they might be looking for?

    Also, while I see that header and footer might not be supported by some receipe, how about their capacity to handle page numbers? and maybe how they do to handle it? (while I did proceed with phantom-pdf and wkhtmltopdf I cannot tell yet how about doing it with electron-pdf for example)

    Again thanks a lot for your time!

    If you need some help for testing count me in too!

  • This post is deleted!

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