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    I have two concerns here.

    1. I need to convert the Print Date to MM/dd/yyyy format. I wrote a function batchDateTime, but I couldn't call it from the excel receipe report. However the same function is working in phantom PDF. Please let me know How to call these custom functions.

    2. Moreover in the excel row number 9,10,11 are blank. Insertion of data should start from row number 9.

    Please let me know what needs to be done to correct it.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    for point 1: you were not using your batchDateTime helper in the template.
    for point 2 : you can control in which position a row should be added using the "r" attribute of a <row>, but in your case it seems that your xlsx file has some metadata in row 9,10 that don't let to insert rows in those places. maybe you can try to open the xlsx file and clean that rows.

    updated example with the recomendations:

  • Thanks I just deleted the rows 9-10-11 from the template and it worked.

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