jsreport core - how to reference #child template

  • If content contains #child childTemplateName, how to I pass in the childTemplateName in the render call as well? Please see render snipped below.

    template: {
    content: content.toString(),
    phantom: {
    footer: name === 'codered' ? footer.replace('{{now}}', '') : footer,
    header: header.toString(),
    headerHeight: '4cm',
    footerHeight: '1cm',
    format: 'portrait',
    margin: '{"top" : "0px", "right" : "0px", "bottom" : "0px", "left" : "0px"}'
    engine: 'handlebars',
    recipe: 'phantom-pdf'

  • administrators

    hi! there is no way to define child templates in inline form, you would need to programmatically add the child templates first with a name and then use it in .render(), see here for an example of how to register the child template programmatically

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