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  • Hello, I'm using jsreport version 1.8.3 and I want (migrate/update) to version 1.9.2 for take all new features.. What steps I need do for make the migration??? thanks!!!!

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    hi! if you are just using the standard jsreport installation (from npm) without any custom extension installed the update should be just very straightforward, you just need to run npm i jsreport@1.9.2 --save in your project and then everything should be working normally, and if you have custom extensions installed then the update should be the same assuming that those extensions are maintained by the jsreport team, if not you will need to check manually if those custom extensions work after the update. if you are curious about the changes between 1.8.3 and 19.2 then check the releases notes for more info.

  • Thanks!!!!

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