Phantom Pdf : rendering checkboxes

  • HI, I am facing rendering issues while rendering the checkboxes and radio buttons via html to pdf using phantom pdf. I am able to repro this in the playground too. can you please help me?
    here the link from the playground example :
    you will observe the tick mark in checkbox and "DOT" in radio button is not correctly rendered.

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    hi! i see the issue and how the check and radio inputs are being rendered weird.. unfortunately i can't give any advice of how to solve it, i've tried to search for some css solutions but nothing seems to work, it renders the same even with phantomjs 2 too. however the inputs are rendering fine when using electron instead of phantomjs, maybe it can be a good option for you if you want to ensure that those inputs are rendered nicely

  • Ok thank you.

  • I forgot mention that if you render the pdf using VS 2013 locally (i mean running on IIS express) check boxes and radio buttons are rendering fine.
    Only issue is that it does not render when application is hosted on IIS or running from the js report playground
    Sample code ar rs = new LocalReporting().UseBinary(JsReportBinary.GetBinary()).AsUtility().Create();
    var report = await rs.RenderAsync(new RenderRequest
    Template = new Template
    Recipe = Recipe.PhantomPdf,
    Engine = Engine.None,
    Phantom = new Phantom

                            Format = PhantomFormat.A4,
                            FooterHeight = "2cm"
                        Content = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/reports/report.html"))

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