Integrating Jsreport into angular 2+ application

  • Recently I am working on integrating jsreport into my angular application.
    I am using jsreport-cli to start jsreport server, and I have my own nodejs server.
    And I install jsreport-browser-client-dist so that I can use exported JsReport to render reports.
    My issue is in this way, I have to start two servers, but I want to start jsreport server at the same time when I start my nodejs server. But I did not find any detailed documentation. so can anyone help me with this issue ?

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    hi! check this section of the docs for the exact information that you are looking for. using jsreport-cli is a nice way to have a server running quickly, but you can also integrate jsreport in your existing server, you can either start jsreport in your server entry point (with require('jsreport')().init(); which returns a promise) or integrate the jsreport server into an existing express app

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