Getting Error: Cannot read property '_currentElement' of null

  • I have JSReports running on a windows server on AWS. Everything has been running fine for weeks but today I went to loggin and I'm now getting this error. All my api calls that I have set up still work.

    What I'm seeing when I login is my list on the left and the loading icon in the middle of the screen if I click on anything in the list I get this error.


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    can you open dev tools console and share any error that you can see there? the full error message with stackstrace will be helpfull.

    what kind of store are you using for your template in your jsreport app? is it filesystem? or a database (like MS SQL)?

    also it will be helpful that you can share your jsreport logs maybe there is an error there.

  • I'm not sure what happened but it seems to have fixed itself. I will take a snapshot of the Full error if it happens again. I'm using a filesystem for templates MS SQL for data.

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