Script Timeout

  • Hi
    I am new to jsReport and want to evaluate this product for the company I'm working.
    Maybe I don't understand something. It should be elementary and simple.
    At first I tried on my installation and than (thinking I made a mistake by the installation) in the playground. I get the same problem.

    • create a template (I had only a div with "hallo")
    • create a script (just put a comment line... or something else)
    • click run, the template is rendered
    • assign the script to the template
    • click run... get timeout
    Error occured - Error during rendering report: Timeout
    Stak - Error: Timeout
        at Timeout._onTimeout (C:\jsreport\playground-service2\node_modules\script-manager\lib\manager-servers.js:137:23)
        at ontimeout (timers.js:471:11)
        at Timer.unrefdHandle (timers.js:584:5)

    I don't understand why. The sample "Orders" has a script assigned and works. Why doesn't my simple sample work?

  • shame to me... sorry. I see now that I have to call done().

  • Glad you find it out.
    The next version will work also without the callback... less traps for newcomers.

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