Asset helper complains about wrong spec

  • See the following playground here, I have a helper for picking what asset to draw, however jsreport complains about the param spec being wrong.

    The first two each statements demonstrate that the helper returns a string as expected and that the assets can be found:

    {{#each samples as |sample i|}}
    {{getLevelImage sample}}
    {{#each samples as |sample i|}}
    <img src="{#asset slyk-alert.svg @encoding=dataURI}" style="height:1.75%; margin: 0 auto;">

    Where the helper getLevelImage is:

    handlebars.registerHelper("getLevelImage", function(sample)
      switch (sample.Results.Level) {
        case 1:
          return 'slyk-normal.svg @encoding=dataURI';
        case 2:
          return 'slyk-warning.svg @encoding=dataURI';
        case 3:
          return 'slyk-alert.svg @encoding=dataURI';
        case 4:
          return 'slyk-critical.svg @encoding=dataURI';
          return 'slyk-normal.svg @encoding=dataURI';

    This results in:

    But the final line throws the error.

  • Handlebars does escaping if you call helper using {{foo}}. This breaks the asset specification. Try it with {#asset {{{getLevelImage sample}}}}.

    FYI Are you aware that helpers in jsreport can be specified using global function? Calling registerHelper is not required.

    function getLevelImage(sample) {
      return 'foo'

  • Of course, thanks Jan!

  • I did have another question, I have created the templates I needed using a jsreport-cli project, but I wanted to use jsreport in my existing node.js application. Do I need jsreport or to extend jsreport-core with the recipes and engine i want to use?
    edit: Would you prefer I create a new post?

  • administrators

    hi! you can use jsreport in your existing node.js application normally, this link would be helpful to you: , it contains section of how to integrate with express server in your app too.

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