Possible to insert an image into an excel sheet when using ejs engine with xlsx recipe?

  • Title basically explains it. I have a snippet of the XML so everyone can understand what I'm working on. I need to insert an image into the sheet, but AFAIK this is not possible. I am hoping I am wrong. Thanks for any help with this.

    <c s="39"></c><c s="13"></c><c s="13"></c><c s="13"></c><c s="15"></c>

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    hi, most of xlsx examples are written with handlebars so i think you better use handlebars than ejs when using xlsx recipe, it will save you a lot of troubles and time trying to figure it out how to translate the syntax to ejs

    example of image in xlsx -> https://playground.jsreport.net/studio/workspace/Hk2B9bcif/11

  • I am basically done with my report; and adding the image is the last thing I need. Do you know of the equivalent syntax in ejs? I would rather not rewrite the whole report.

    Thanks for your help.

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    no, but you just need to translate the xlsxAddImage to a function call in ejs syntax.

    other thing can be that ejs works different with helpers, and since ejs is external extension (not part of core jsreport extensions) maybe it has some bug when working with xlsx recipe, if that is the case we will need an example link in playground that shows the bug

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