What is the format to send date to xlsx

  • I am trying to send date to xlsx file but i it goes as a string so i cannot use in pivot table function . This is how i had used
    <c t="inlineStr" s="{{@root.$removedItem.d.[2].$.s}}"><is><t>{{date}}</t></is></c>
    it goes like a string.
    I need it like a date It self.
    Please solve this issue

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    hi, it goes always as string because you are specifying that in the cell definition when putting t="inlineStr".

    the xlsx docs contains a link to a page that describes a little bit the Office Open XML format, in that page you can find how the date should be described, i have not tried by myself so i don't have an specific example to share. if after following the recommendations in that link you still can't get the cell in date type then the best for you will be to follow the advice in the xlsx dosc, which is this:

    When you are lost, it is always good idea to create a test xlsx file in excel, unzip it and analyze its content

    you can try to create an excel file with some date fields with normal Office program, then change the extension of that file from .xlsx -> .zip, and finally unzip and inspect the content, it will give you a better idea of what things you need to change in order to get the cell with date type

  • ok Thanks for the idea.

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