How to resize report in javascript

  • Hi all,
    I am Zahid, a new user of jsReport. i am using it in my project for being independent from server permissions or restrictions, because i am hosting this project on shared server. i am using it in browser or you many say at client side. I bring data in a div and as jsReport to render it. it renders. it renders A4 size, But the page size i want is 3 X 4 inches. Is there any way to do it in javascript plz help.

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    Hi, you can control paper size using paper width and paper height options as demonstrated in the following screenshot:

    0_1491401810194_Captura de pantalla 2017-04-05 a las 9.13.22 a.m..png

    paper width and paper height values can be in mm, cm, in, or px

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