Jagged Fonts in PDF Output

  • Is there a way to make the fonts contained in the PDF output to display onscreen more smoothly? I noticed that they look quite jagged when compared to fonts in other PDF files, not generated in phantomJS. Subsequently printing them to hard-copy, they look fine.

    I'm not talking about display options inside of the PDF reader. It just seems like fonts from phantomJS are really jagged when viewed onscreen.

  • ultimately this is probably a phantomJS issue, I realize. I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking some sort of option.

  • Yes, this is likely phantomjs thing and we can hardly do something with it. I recommend to take a shot and try to search phantomjs github issues. There are quite often workarounds.


    You may also won't to try jsreport-electron-pdf recipe which uses chrome based rendering. I believe it has better support for fonts, however lack of support for headers/footers.

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