The api node js is really slow

  • Hello Everyone,

    We use js report as an api to generate different pdf for our application. We download the node js project and have it hosted on our server but the problem is when we make a call to this api, the response is really slow.
    Some one know a way to accelerate the process ?

    Thanks to all !

  • administrators

    hi! how much time does it take? do you have complex template with lot of data? if yes, then it can be that it is just the conversion with the amount of the your data that takes long and there is not so much to do about it. you can try to update your config to what is described in this post and use http-server strategy for tasks.

  • Hello Bjrmatos

    We develloped an app in angular 4 and we use js report as the api to generate all the pdf we need. When we click on a button to generate the call, sometimes, we can wait more than 10 secondes before to get it.
    Of course, sometimes we send a big json file (countains around 20 rows) and we have to generate graphs inside js report.
    Is it possible we do something wrong ?

    Thank you very much !

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