Can't use custom recipe with .Net Core

  • I have followed the instruction to install a custom recipe in .Net here: but I can't make it work.

    1. I have created a jsreport into my project folder (where the .csproj is stored)
    2. I have created the jsreport.config.json into the jsreport folder.
    3. I have installed electron-pdf using "npm install jsreport-electron" into the jsreport folder
    4. I used xcopy to copy this folder on build to the output directory.
    5. Upon build, I can see in \bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.0 the jsreport folder, with the jsreport.config.json file and the node_modules folder in it.

    I still get:

    Error during rendering report: Recipe 'electron-pdf' not found

    When I specifiy


    What am I doing wrong?

  • Fixed it myself. I had to install jsreport-electron-pdf in addition to electron-pdf (both are needed).

  • administrators

    hi! electron-pdf package is not needed for jsreport-electron-pdf to work, what is needed is just the electron package, so installing with npm install jsreport-electron-pdf electron should work.

    probably it works for you too when installing electron-pdf because under the hood it install electron package.

  • You are right, this is a typo, I meant electron not electron-pdf

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