How to iterate over assets directory in jsreport?

  • Is there a mechanism in jsreport to loop over all assets and in the assets directory. I am using the handlebars engine and would like to programmatically display any images that are uploaded by a user.

  • One way is to use jsreport script, query all assets and pass it through data to the templating engines evaluation.

    See an example in docs

    Note this works only in jsreport v2.

  • That's fine. So, if I understand this correctly, I can create a template in the studio view, and add a script that goes along with a template? Would that be possible?

  • Yes, exactly.

  • I am struggling with how to reference the assets directory. Is there a global variable for assets in the studio?

    Since I was not able to solve this, I went ahead and added a route on my server that, in theory should also work. However, I am not able to access the file names. here is my route.

    Route and Template Render Functions

    My handlebars template ("maps.html") is as follows:


    I am not certain as to how to proceed from here. Thank you, in advance, for your time.

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    just an update, the question was solved by using the jsreport-proxy inside script,

    const jsreport = require('jsreport-proxy')
    async function beforeRender(req, res) {
      const assets = await jsreport.documentStore.collection('assets').find() = => => /.png$/.test(a))

    with the following template:

    {{#each assets}}
        asset name: {{./this}}
        <img src="{#asset {{./this}} @encoding=dataURI}" width="200px" />

  • Thanks @bjrmatos

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