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  • Hello, I just want to ask about jsreport templates,
    I already search in google, jsreport.net, playground, etc... (but what I found is limited and I better ask than wrong)

    so is jsreport offers variances of template? so we can create our report with better design, different, and easier of course


  • administrators

    hi! what we call template is a file in which you can add some html, css, js to design a report using web technologies (in most cases, jsreport is not limited to web technologies but it depends on the recipe that you use in your template), this is really powerful because it lets you create report layouts using familiar technologies.

    however i think that you are looking for pre-built layouts, right? right now we don't have a catalog of pre-built layouts to share, we just offer some samples when you start jsreport the first time, maybe in future we can have something like that but currently we are focusing all our efforts in making jsreport better and expanding what is possible to do with it.

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