Authentication not working with jsreport for windows

  • My prod.config.json file has the "authentication" section (with enabled: true), but when I start jsreport, there is no login screen. Is the method different on the windows executable?


  • Hi,
    yes it is supported, but it doesn't seem to work also for me. Thank you for pointing it out.
    Let me do quick investigation and come back to you


  • I identified the problem -
    I expect there will be release 1.7 ready today which will include the fix for this as well

  • I'll be on the look out for the 1.7 release. Thanks so much for the quick response!

  • administrators

    the fix is now part of 1.7, which is available now for download

  • I updated, but the issue is still happening. The login screen doesn't appear. I confirmed the browser tab says "jsreport 1.7.0 production".

    Here is the authentication section of my prod.config.json:

    "authentication": {
    "cookieSession": {
    "secret": "<<redacted>>"
    "admin": {
    "username": "<<redacted>>",
    "password": "<<redacted>>"
    "enabled": true

    Here is the reporter.log for when I start jsreport:

    2017-04-20T20:50:46.371Z - info: Initializing jsreport@1.7.0 in production mode using configuration file prod.config.json
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.371Z - info: Using extension import-export
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.371Z - info: Using extension templates
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.371Z - info: Using extension jsrender
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.371Z - info: Using extension cli
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.371Z - info: Using extension debug
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.371Z - info: Using extension express
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.386Z - info: Using extension fop-pdf
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.386Z - info: Using extension handlebars
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.401Z - info: Using extension tags
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.401Z - info: Using extension phantom-pdf
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.401Z - info: Using extension fs-store
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.417Z - info: synchronization of changes in jsreport-fs-store are disabled
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.417Z - info: Using extension images
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension data
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension child-templates
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension licensing
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension text
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension reports
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension resources
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension browser-client
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension studio
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension html-to-xlsx
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension scripts
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.433Z - info: Using extension assets
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.448Z - info: Using extension scheduling
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.448Z - info: Using extension xlsx
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.448Z - info: Using extension sample-template
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.448Z - info: Initializing fs storage at C:\jsreport\data
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.542Z - info: Creating default express app.
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.589Z - info: jsreport server successfully started on https port: 5488
    2017-04-20T20:50:46.589Z - info: Veryfing license key <<redacted>>
    2017-04-20T20:50:47.011Z - info: License key verified as yearly subscription
    2017-04-20T20:50:47.011Z - info: reporter initialized

  • administrators

    do you have the "logout" button available?

    0_1492722119613_Captura de pantalla 2017-04-20 a las 4.01.00 p.m..png

    if that is the case just click "logout" and you will see the auth screen, for some reason if you have authentication disabled and then enable it doesn't ask you for a password and it just shows you as authenticated.

    screenshot is using jsreport executable in OSX

  • Unfortunately, no. The last option on my menu is "Enterprise".

  • administrators

    ok, i will try to run a windows VM in the following hours and try to reproduce the issue, i will post here if everything works as expected or if there is anything we need to do

  • administrators

    @jjauregui you're right, the windows executable doesn't have the fix (the fix is present in OSX and Linux versions of the executable).

    i've found the issue, so we will be fixing the windows executable in the following hours, thnks for let us know the issue!

  • administrators

    hi @jjauregui, we have fixed the windows executable, can you please download again and try it? i have tested in my windows VM and authentication is present now. thanks.

  • Works beautifully. Thank you!

  • administrators

    awesome!! 👌

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