jsreport online api error: Too many request all the time

  • Hi there,

    I experienced some issues with concurrently calling the api. I got following error:

    HTTP error code : 429 (Too many requests)

    And I backoff, and try to call the api in 12 hours later. But still got the same problem. Please suggest a way to fix it since we gonna have some reports to render. Thanks!


  • Please see the online throttling description

    We limit the max parallel requests to 5 and max render requests per second also to 5.
    How many parallel requests do you send? Can you limit this on your client side?

  • Hi jan,

    I tried 10 concurrent request before. But seems cannot make any requests now even with 1 request. Would that because of the ip blocking?


  • No we don't do an IP blocking.

    I don't see recent 429 responses in the AWS load balancer monitoring. The last is like 4 hours ago.
    Are you sure the response comes from jsreportonline.net? Probably bad question, but I should see the 429 in monitoring.

  • Hi Jan,

    Yes, I am sure I am using jsreportonline.net APIs.
    I have made another request from our server again, but still return me the http status with 429. I also made the request from my local macbook using postman and it succeeded. Would you please check whether the aws platform where jsreport cloud hosted is blocking IP etc. from the AWS architecture? Since it is ok to make request from my local laptop using the same account details.

    If that is because of the free account we are using, we can upgrade to paid subscription.

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Jan,

    I found AWS API Gateway might cause that. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35987294/aws-api-gateway-error-429-too-many-requests
    Do you think that might be the cause?

    If we sign up another account and upgrade the plan, will it fix the issue?


  • I found the root cause will be the account limit. I just saw the body message saying "Error during rendering report: Maximum excess of credits allowed for your plan (100%+) reached, please upgrade your plan or contact support. Credits used: 402, Credits Available: 200". I upgraded the account with my credit card information but it still showing the old credit 402/200! Could you please help to check it for me? Thanks!

  • We solved the problem through email and upgraded account manually...

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