Wrong build of jsreport/jsreport:2.0.0-full

  • Hello,

    I have been testing full docker image of jsreport for the past day and noticed that version 2.0.0-full contains wrong version number of: jsreport-mongodb-store package. Because of this I was unable to connect to mongodb version 4.x.

    This image version contains version 1.0.0, but latest is 1.1.1. If you use image jsreport/jsreport:latest-full it works fine, because it uses version 1.1.0 of that package.

    Just wanted to let you and others know, because it took me some time to figure it out :-).

  • administrators

    thanks for the information, the full image just does npm install jsreport-mongodb-store so there is a chance that when you build the image you get more recent versions of mongodb store (in theory this should not happen because the way how docker build cache should work, you should always get 1.1.0). for example i just ran a container with 2.0.0-full and latest-full and i got 1.1.0 version of jsreport-mongodb-store in both cases. probably it is weird npm/docker cache issue, in future we will try to find a way to have more static version of extensions per release, so we don't have these random results when installing packages.

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