Report template metadata

  • Hi!
    I need to store some additional info (Map<String, String> or dictionary) with each template and be able to query this info with along with the list of templates. Is it possible?

  • Hi,

    you can extend template type with custom string property inside a custom extension.
    Here are the docs for writing custom extension

    or simply add just this to your server.js.

    const jsreport = require('jsreport')
    jsreport.use((reporter) => {
      reporter.documentStore.model.entityTypes['TemplateType'].foo = { type: 'Edm.String' }

  • I want actually to have something like template.metadata = {
    customerId: "",
    label: ""
    I need this to solve following usecase - We have set of default reports and many customers, some of them want reports to look differently. Having metadata, I will be able to store for example customerId, base report type it corresponds to, etc...

  • Yes, so why don't you add two, three... new props to the template?

    Or you can have one extra prop that serializes what ever you want. Like a map.

  • Sure, I can... I just thought that it can be a good base functionality :)

  • Yes perhaps. Thanks. Lets see if it gets requested more often.

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