Docker increase timeout limits

  • I've deployed jsreport to Azure using docker,
    Was able to use environment variables to set some settings to get storage working etc.



    But i am trying to increase the timeout of scripts or render,
    So i added:

    And it looks like it's not being applied, still getting:
    Error: Timeout Error: pdf generation not completed after 30000ms

    Is there any other way to apply those settings or what am i doing wrong?

    1. The script timeout is increased using

    2. The error Error: Timeout Error: pdf generation not completed after 30000ms comes from chrome generation. Nothing to do with the script.
      This timeout can be increased using

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  • Thank you!
    It works now, was really doing it in a wrong way...

    Maybe there could be better docs to explain how environment -> jsreport.config works.

  • Have you reached these docs?

  • Yes i did, but i could never figure that

    "extensions": {
      "chrome-pdf": {  
        "timeout": 30000

    specified here:
    Would actually be extensions_chromePdf_timeout=30000

    Maybe i missed something :)

  • administrators

    hmm actually there is a section in the docs that contains exactly that.

    0_1542812081751_Captura de pantalla 2018-11-21 a las 9.54.02 a.m..png

    just mention it, i understand that it can be easy to ignore.

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