How can I use .pfx certification in https config from godaddy ?

  • I have a report server run on a windows server, I would open the https on it. I have a wordwild SSL for my server and I get a *.pfx certification from my IIS. How can I use in report server ? The report server only accept *.cert and *..cert ?

    "httpPort": 5489,
    "certificate": {
    	"key": "certificates/",
    	"cert": "certificates/"

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    hi! you need to convert your certificate to the valid formats. i think you can follow the instructions here and get the keys and the cert files from the pfx file.

  • Actually we support also pfx. :) here

    "certificate": {
      "pfx": "path to the certificate",
      "passphrase": "..."

  • @jan_blaha Thanks for your great help, the SSL works now. I didn't find any pfx config in the document.

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