Switching recipe from html to chrome-pdf in studio loses styling

  • Hi again,

    I feel like I must be missing something pretty obvious here. I have a main parent template that calls a number of children. Everything works nicely and looks good when the parent report is generated using the html recipe. But when it is called with chrome-pdf, the report is generated without bootstrap and other styling elements. Any chance there's a quick solution to this?

    Here's the general structure:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <script src="{#asset jquery.min.js @encoding=link}"></script>
            <script src="{#asset bootstrap.js @encoding=link}"></script>
                {#asset main.css @encoding=utf8}
                {#asset bootstrap.css @encoding=utf8}
                {#asset style.css @encoding=utf8}
            {#child Child1}
            {#child Child2}
            {#child Child3}
            {#child ChildN}

    Thank you for any help yet again

  • Bootstrap is using different styles for print media type.
    Try to switch the chrome media type to screen


  • Thank you! I'm sorry to waste your time with that... You have been very helpful!

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