Exe / Windows Service migration to v2

  • Hello!

    I'm looking to migrate our instance from v1.10 to v2.3. I had read elsewhere that there is a npm tool available - is there any way to migrate without the npm utility? One of our environments cannot install npm, while it is crucial for us to deploy to this environment.

    On a similar note, does the migration restructure the data folder? I have been finding that v2 does not work well with the file store structure of v1.

    Thank you!

  • s there any way to migrate without the npm utility?

    The utility mainly helps you to get through the breaking changes introduced in the v2.
    You can fix your data and config manually. See the list of changes here

    On a similar note, does the migration restructure the data folder? I have been finding that v2 does not work well with the file store structure of v1.

    There isn't a big restructuring. However, you need to migrate the images to the assets for example. The utility is there to help.

    I would recommend to run your current jsreport locally and then use the utility to update your local instance. Then you can deploy your full app including data to your production server.

  • Thanks for the response!

    I've since attempted to use the utility, but it appears to only work for npm installs. I'm running off of the windows service.

    I've also noticed some strange behavior. I exported the installation from the v1 studio and imported it on the v2 studio. Version 1 had minimal impact to system resources when ran locally, but as I run v2.3 as a service, the "Node.js: Service Side Javascript" process appears to continually consume 50% or more of the CPU. The task disappears when I stop the windows service, and comes back at ~50% again when I restart the jsreport service. Also, when the service first starts, it seems to take upwards of 20 minutes before the localhost page will respond. Here's what the report.log file looked like:

    2019-01-29T15:28:08.822Z - info: Initializing jsreport@2.3.0 in development mode using configuration file: jsreport.config.json
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.927Z - info: Using extension cli
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.945Z - info: Using extension handlebars
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.948Z - info: Using extension puppeteer-compile
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.950Z - info: Using extension import-export
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.952Z - info: Using extension templates
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.953Z - info: Using extension freeze
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.956Z - info: Using extension debug
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.957Z - info: Using extension express
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.965Z - info: Using extension tags
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.972Z - info: Using extension jsrender
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.973Z - info: Using extension data
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.974Z - info: Using extension authorization
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.975Z - info: Using extension html-to-xlsx
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.987Z - info: html-to-xlsx detected chrome as available html engine
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.988Z - info: Using extension chrome-pdf
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.995Z - info: Using extension child-templates
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.995Z - info: Using extension licensing
    2019-01-29T15:28:08.997Z - info: Using extension fs-store
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.004Z - info: Using extension version-control
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.088Z - info: Using extension browser-client
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.089Z - info: Using extension reports
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.092Z - info: Using extension text
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.093Z - info: Using extension base
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.094Z - info: Using extension studio
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.099Z - info: Using extension pdf-utils
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.100Z - info: Using extension scripts
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.105Z - info: Using extension assets
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.109Z - info: Using extension scheduling
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.113Z - info: Using extension xlsx
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.116Z - info: Using extension sample-template
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.120Z - info: Using extension resources
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.121Z - info: Using extension public-templates
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.130Z - info: fs store is persisting using fs
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.132Z - info: fs store is synchronizing using fs
    2019-01-29T15:28:09.194Z - info: fs store is loading data
    2019-01-29T15:28:12.337Z - info: fs store is initialized successfully
    2019-01-29T15:51:45.666Z - info: Creating default express app.
    2019-01-29T15:51:45.855Z - info: jsreport server successfully started on http port: 5488
    2019-01-29T15:51:45.865Z - info: fs store emits sockets to synchronize underlying changes with studio
    2019-01-29T15:51:46.071Z - info: Verifying license key #####
    2019-01-29T15:51:46.409Z - info: License key for subscription verified against the jsreport.license.json file
    2019-01-29T15:51:46.415Z - info: reporter initialized

    Is there any particular reason why these behaviors might be happening?

    As always, thank you!

  • What if you run the v2.3 app without windows service. Just using command line

    node server.js


    jsreport start

    is it also that slow to start?
    Would you able to zip the whole application, upload it somewhere and send to my email "jan.blaha jsreport.net" the link?

  • Yes, it is also about that that slow using jsreport start.

    I'll send you an email in the next hour or two with the data. Thanks for taking a look at this!

  • I've used a service called "WeTransfer" to send you a zip of the files.

  • Thank you. I wrote you mail back.
    Let's continue over email to avoid exposing some confidential information.
    We will write the resolution afterward here.

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