How to disable jsreport correctly?

  • Hi,

    i am using jsreport-core in node.js to develop an application that uses the jsreport-scheduling extension to create schedules that saves/emails the created the reported.
    I want to give the user the option to be able to enable/disable the schedule.
    I am disabling/enabling the schedule by updating the existing schedule in the following manner :-

              { _id: schedule._id },
                $set: {
                  enabled: args.enabled

    Now after disabling the schedule by setting enabled: false, whenever i enable it again by enabled: true, the scheduler generates and emails the report multiple times.

    For example - If my scheduler runs every 5 mins and i disable it for 20 mins. Then when i enable it again, it runs 4 times.

    How can i prevent this from happening? I want the scheduler to run only once after i enable it.

  • Hi,
    thanks for reporting this.
    It seems we missed this in the implementation. We will fix it here

  • administrators

    hi @pakhi-newgen can you install the extension using npm i jsreport/jsreport-scheduling and try again? we have done some changes that should prevent this to happen

  • Hey,
    I tried it again by installing using jsreport/jsreport-scheduling, but its still runs pending number of times when i enable it again.

  • administrators

    @pakhi-newgen hmm i tried to reproduce what you describe but i could not find a good way to do it, so if you can provide a github repository with some simplified code that you are using to reproduce this, i can take a look. probably try to change the scheduler to just 1 minute so i can reproduce the example without having to wait too long

  • We have created a sample demo for the issue we are facing on github at :

    The schedule runs every minute and is initially disabled. You will receive a prompt after 3 minutes to enable the schedule. Once you enable the schedule, you will notice that multiple reports are created at that instant.

  • administrators

    hi! sorry for the long wait, i was able to replicate and fix the issue using your repository, can you try re-install again npm i jsreport/jsreport-scheduling and try?

  • Hey! It is fixed now.
    Thanks a lot.

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