Licence upgrade

  • I saw another post on the forum asking similar question about upgrading from "Enterprise" to "Enterprise Scale" if they needed to deploy more than 1 instance to upscale

    the answer was

    Yes you can later upgrade for minor fee. Just email us when you need to upgrade.

    Considering "Enterprise" 1 instance is $295/year and "Enterprise Scale" unlimited instances is $995/year I would like to know what is the minor fee exactly ? I would hope it is a pro-rata difference of $995 - $295 :)

  • This was the case for the one-time payment.

    In case of subscription.
    We typically solve it by letting you subscribe to the scale license for 995$.
    And refund you the last payment for the 295$ enterprise license which gets canceled then.

  • Hi Jan,

    I just want to confirm this upgrade pricing is still the case? We are about to purchase annual Enterprise but expect that within half a year or so, all going well, we will need to upgrade to Enterprise Scale. So through the upgrade process we will receive the whole or a partial refund of the Enterprise cost?

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