Unable to change width of cell/column in html to xlsx recipe

  • Hi,

    I noticed that we are supposed to be able to change the width of a column, that being the width of the cell with the biggest width. (Using css and classes)

    The thing is, it works in the playground: https://playground.jsreport.net/w/admin/qMdNLHkz

    But in my template, when doing the same (creating a class in style with the width, and assigning the width through the class)

    .w-60 {
        width: 60px;
        <tr class="lh-fixed-48">
            <th class="w-60 border bottom">         Product                     </th>

    The width wont work (Before that, I have tried changing th to td, deleting the tabs that I use for code formatting, and usual stuff that "this shouldn't happen but it might happen". It just doesn't work.... :(

    I use jsreport 2.0.5

    Btw: another doubt if someone might know how to make it work: How do I insert a line break? I can't use html because everything inside td gets parse as is, but \n, <br>, a linebreak even... nothing is working.

  • administrators

    hi! hmm i'm not sure why using a css class won't work for you, however if you can share the full template and find a way to replicate the problem in the playground i can try to find the reason.

    about doing a line break you can just put a <br /> and put a overflow: scroll style in the cell with the line break (live example). this works fine in latest version jsreport-html-to-xlsx@2.3.0. you can try to install it manually or you can wait until we release jsreport 2.4.0 which is almost ready for release.

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