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    I am getting above error and am unable to install the package. My node version is 7.10.1.

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    The only prerequisite is presence of node.js (>= 8.9) on the target machine. The installation is then initiated using npm (>= 6.x).

  • Thanks, i did change my node version to 8.9.1 and ran the instalation and it works. For some reason only this package "jsreport-pdf-password" is installing the hummus package and it always return the error in above screen shoot. I am fedup with it. I used it for setting password for the pdf that is generated using jsreport like below example code.

      template: { 
                          engine: 'handlebars',
                          recipe: 'phantom-pdf',
                          pdfPassword: {
                                active: true,
                                password: 'pdfPassword'//finaldata.personal_details.name.trim().slice(0,3)
    Incase this package has some dependency issues. Can you suggest a better way to add password for the pdf report? I am using phantom with handlebars for generating the report.

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    hi! unfortunately i don't know why the hummus binary download is always failing for you with the ETIMEDOUT error, however when that happens hummus tries to build itself locally in your machine and that is where it fails for you, maybe you don't have your machine ready for build node.js c++ addons, you can try to check these system dependencies in your machine and if something is missing try to install it first and then try the npm install again

  • Yes i checked those dependencies. Actually all dependencies were satisfied. So i installed node-gyp in a new location and it worked. Installation was successfull. But there was a major issue that i reported in the package's github repo. Link: "https://github.com/jsreport/jsreport-pdf-password/issues/5"

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