Google map API signature.

  • Hello Team,

    i am trying to show the google map in size 900x1200 size in my A4 sheet, since i am using a key after the free usage the image is not completely fitted in the size which i have allocated in div. i am need to use the google signature to get bigger size.

    Using the data i am setting the mapcenter and zoom level, hence i could not able to pass the signature which currently using in my main application to JS report while requesting report.

    please let us know how do i create a google signature in it.

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    hi! you can just pass the signature value to jsreport, in development just create a data.json file and put your signature value there, then just use it when creating the google maps request, in production just send the signature value in the request body along with the data that your report needs.

  • Thanks, i have figured out, actually i do not have to pass signature Google API Key will work, i was using bootstrap style hence i was facing this issue.

  • Currently i am facing another issue, that some time google map is not completely rendered, some portion of map is grayed out, if i try to generate again same, second time it renders clearly

    This will happens once in 10 times, i could not able to figure out this. i have set ' window.JSREPORT_READY_TO_START = true; ' for map idle event
    still i am facing this, could you please help

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    This post is deleted!

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    @papegowda you are having a possible race condition somewhere in google maps events, i don't know if the idle event of maps is the best place to call window.JSREPORT_READY_TO_START = true, maybe there is other event that you can listen that ensures that the map is ready and completely loaded.. of course that will require some investigation in google maps docs and i can't help you with that, so just try to search in google "how to know that a google map is completly loaded" and maybe there is some solution.

  • Thanks bjrmatos, i have changed the event from 'idle' to 'tileloaded' and so far it looks working.

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