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  • I want to know if it is possible to put the digital sign when i send to render my report

  • administrators

    hi! we don't support pdf digital sign right now, however it seems that you can easily sign a pdf generated by jsreport, maybe you can use something like this package to do that in your server code

  • Good news.
    There is now a custom jsreport extension which can sign pdf outputs.

  • I am using c # mvc and to render the reports I use as follows

            ReportingService _reportingService;
            string server = Environment.MachineName;
                _reportingService = new ReportingService ("http: // jsreport-host /", "username", "password");
            var report = await _reportingService
                .RenderAsync ("shortid", new
            FileStreamResult result = new FileStreamResult (report.Content, report.ContentType.MediaType);

    In what part do I add the object of the digital signature ?.

  • administrators

    hi! if your remote server is node.js based and you have already installed jsreport-pdf-sign and jsreport-assets in version 1.1.4 then you can just open the jsreport studio and follow the instructions in the docs if your remote server is .net based then you can install the new pdf-sign using the instructions here.

    After this i think you won't need to modify anything in your jsreport remote client call code, if you configure the pdf-sign options using the studio then you should be able to render the report using the same code that you have already for the jsreport remote client

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