JsReport DockerHub image is not up to date

  • I have been using most recent 2.3.0 Docker image of JsReport, love Docker, great way to distribute applications, also love JsReport, this blows away all the report engines I have used in the past.

    Anyway, a couple of issues now indicate that this image is not using the same of JsReport that the "playground" runs.

    Firstly in 2.3.0 the jsreport-fs-store-azure-storage-persistence plugin is v 1.0.3 which has a folder corruption bug which I believe has been fixed in 1.0.5

    The html-to-xslx recipe in 2.3.0 doesn't support the "multiple sheets" feature shown in https://playground.jsreport.net/w/admin/Ds9ngUSx
    if I run this sample without changes in my 2.3.0 docker image then I only get 1 sheet "Sheet 1" as shown ..

    I tried to update my jsreport-fs-store-azure-storage-persistence using
    npm i jsreport-fs-store-azure-storage-persistence
    but it only installs 1.0.3 instead of the latest 1.0.5 on Github

    When will 2.4.0 docker image be released (which hopefully includes all latest plugins) or how I can update my plugins to use the Github versions instead of npm repo?



  • Ok, figured out how to install Github versions

    npm i jsreport/jsreport-fs-store-azure-storage-persistence jsreport/jsreport-html-to-xlsx

  • Doh - the reason I thought 2.3.0 was latest JsReport Docker is because the Overview tab on dockerhub shows 2.3.0, the Tags tab shows 2.4.0 released recently which I am updating to :)

  • Oh yes, sorry, we forgot to update the readme for docker.
    Better to follow github releases for the versions overview

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