Windows 10 Update

  • Has anyone else had a problem with running JSReport as a service after Windows 10 Update?
    I just started a customer demonstration and the JSReport service failed to start. It kept going into a paused state.
    In the end, I reverted back to the previous version of windows and the JSReport service runs fine again.

    Would like to hear about others experiences with this issue

  • administrators

    hi, yes, other user has reported this problem, it is a problem with nssm and windows creators update, nssm is the third-party dependency that we are using to create the windows service.

    Workaround solution until an official fix is provided:

    -Download the pre-release of nssm
    -Extract the release, take the nssm.exe from x64 folder and rename it to nssm64.exe
    -Copy nssm64.exe into node_modules\winser-with-api\bin
    -Run the jsreport win service install (maybe you need to uninstall before)

  • Have there been any further updates to the official fix?

  • administrators

    hi! not yet, but it is in our plans, hopefully in the next jsreport release (which maybe will be released in a couple of days)

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