Another Table Page break question

  • In building a report, I have 2.5 pages of formatted content then on page 3 I have table. The table can run across multiple pages. It is a fairly simple table just a little formatting. When the table crosses the second page, it splits nicely with the TH headers on the next page. However, the table runs through the footer and on the next page, it is positioned at the very top of the page. I can't tell if the header is not there or just covered.

    I didn't know a good way to break it up, so I loaded the report into the playground

    Thanks in advance

  • The logo does appear under the TH on the second page of the table.

  • Found the answer, using @page {margin: 100px} and then adjusting all the other top margin padding.. Hacking my way though a nice report!!!

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