html-to-xlsx. data-cell-type="text"

  • I need to specify the cell value, that starts from equal sign like "={{My_meta_tag}}. The problem is that cell type is not string. The user gets an error, when trying to edit this cell. The user has to select the celltype manually before editing. How can i set up data-cell-type to string?

  • Hi,
    thank you for the question.
    Hopefully, it should be possible to escape the =, probably using single quotation '=.
    We take a look at why it doesn't work in html-to-xlsx and come back to you.

  • ok. Thank you. Looking forward.

  • administrators

    @NickBok turn out this is already supported, just that there is no special cell type for it, it is just a matter of changing the format of the cell, the format for "Text" is @ so you can apply it like this:

    data-cell-format-str="@" or using the enum data-cell-format-enum="49"

    i agree that this is not clear, so we will change the format docs to add a mention the equivalent to the "Text" format.

  • Thanks. It works

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