Does not work with Apple Silicon (M1) using Docker for Desktop Preview

  • Im using docker desktop in my Apple Macbook Pro with M1 aka Apple Silicon, and uses the docker image jsreport/jsreport:2.11.0-full and it does not work

    Here is the error that I got from when ever i used Chrome PDF as recipe. Take note that I'm using the sample data so there should be no problem with the template itself.

    After a quick Google, I saw this, and

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    hi @Rommel-Manalo, as you know the Apple M1 is brand new, so it is expected that software will take some time to support it without problems.

    is this just a problem with docker? i mean, are you able to run jsreport as normal node.js application (no-docker)? the problem here is more about the ability for docker/chrome to be able to run normally on M1, we haven't tried yet an execution on a M1 machine, we probably can not do anything about the docker/chrome M1 support, but we will keep an eye on the issues of those repositories.

  • I can confirm that it just a docker & m1 & chrome-pdf/puppeteer (combination problem only). I have docker & m1 & mongo working fine. BTW running it on normal jsreport code (nodejs) & M1 works fine with me.

    Let see how the docker/chrome M1 progress

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